Science Notes Environment

Notes for The Environment.

Read: Chapters 17 and 18

The Environment. 

  • ü           The Environment = everything that surrounds you Abiotic or Biotic 

Biome = Largest




Organism – Smallest 

  • ü           A biome is a large area throughout the world that have similar climate, plant and animal life.
  • ü           An ecosystem is a group of communities and their habitats that interact.
  • ü           A community is all the populations with in an ecosystem.
  • ü           A Population is a group of the same species that live in a particular area.
  • ü           Species are organisms which can successfully reproduceo       Members of the same species form a population with in a habitat
  • ü           Habitat is the place where a population lives.

 Interactions Between Organisms. 

  • ü           Niche is the role or job an organisms plays in the ecosystem.
  • ü           When two or more species niches overlap there is competition for the resources between the species.
  • ü           Symbiosis is about organisms living in close relationship with each other. At least one organism benefits.
  • ü           In mutualism both species benefit.
  • ü           In commensalism, one species is helped; the other species is not affected. It is not helped nor harmed.
  • ü           In parasitism, the parasite harms its host, which it is living on or in.