Schedule Quarter 4

Class Schedule for 4th Quarter.

All math sections refer to the chapter and section in our class textbooks.

 Date MathScience 
 April 14th 2008 12-1 Length in the Customary System Environment Project
 April 15th 2008

 12-2 Weight and Capacity in the Customary System

 Notes - symbiosis

Environment Project

 April 16th 2008

 Earth Day

Zero waste Lunch

Wear P.E. uniform

 April 17th 2008 12-3 Length in the metric system Environment Project
 April 18th 2008 Mid-Chapter review Environment Project
 April 21st 2008 12-4 Mass and capacity in the metric system Environment Project
 April 22nd 2008

 Picture Day - Casual Dress Allowed

12-5 Changing metric units

 How many bears in the woods activity
 April 23rd 2008 12-6 Measures of time Environment Project
 April 24th 2008

 Review Chapter 12

Practice Test

  Environment Project
 April 25th 2008 Chapter 12 Test  Environment Project
 April 28th 2008   Environment Project
 April 29th 2008 Assembly 9:05am  Environment Project
 April 30th 2008 Early Dismissal  Environment Project Due Today